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Radiant Heating Services for Commercial, Industrial and Custom Home Builds

Radiant Heating Systems - in floor heating
In-Floor Heating

Enjoy uniform heating throughout your space, minimal maintenance and no noise! In-floor heating is non-allergenic, energy efficient and a simple way to experience excellent cost savings. ID Mechanical will be by your side to help recommend, select and expertly install the right product for your home. We also offer an affordable maintenance package to ensure peak performance. We have excellent manufacturer relationships with in-floor heating suppliers to ensure you get the best deal on your new in- floor heating system or upgrade.

Radiant Heating Systems - snow melting systems
Snow-Melting Systems

Melt away snow and ice while evaporating leftover water by installing a snow-melting system with ID Mechanical. Protect building occupants and loved ones at home by installing it under driveways, patios, walkways/paths, accessibility ramps, even stairs. Snow-melting systems are an affordable option to keep employees and visitors safe while giving you peace of mind in even the most inclement weather.

Radiant Heating Systems - boilers and control
Boilers and Control

We offer controls for operating boilers and the mixing pumps that control the temperature in hot water heating system applications. Enjoy convenient installation, operation and maintenance working with radiant heater specialists at ID Mechanical. We can preconfigure your boiler and mixing control models to help optimize the comfort and energy savings you experience in your business or at home.

Radiant Heating Systems - circulator pumps
Circulator Pumps

Pumps move water throughout your property at the desired rate and are an integral part of any hydronic system. ID Mechanical offers installations on best-in-class and low maintenance energy efficient circulators (small in-line pumps) for hydronic heating, potable water recirculation (plumbing), and solar thermal applications. We can help you select the right pump for all your hydronic needs.

Radiant Heating Systems - backflow prevention
Backflow Prevention

With proper maintenance and annual testing, backflow prevention assemblies can last for many years. However, mechanical backflow prevention assemblies have internal seals, springs, and moving parts that are affected by clogging, wear and fatigue. Turn to ID Mechanical to ensure your property lies within Ontario Building Code for installation, maintenance and emergency repair.

Radiant Heating Systems - expansion tanks
Expansion Tanks

While expansion tanks are required by code in most closed-loop water heater systems, they have a reputation for failing. When water is heated, it expands - otherwise known as thermal expansion. Expansion tanks are designed to safely absorb the excess water created and prevent relief valves from triggering. Common issues range from rubber diaphragm wear, to pinhole leaks, to excessive condensation issues, the latter of which can lead to messy pooling, dangerous dripping and ultimately a rusty expansion tank. Damaged plumbing systems happen without warning. That's why customers turn to ID Mechanical for installation service and maintenance and ensure their business or home and its occupants remain comfortable.

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